About us

What We Do.

Roncan Property Services provides cleaning services to Melbourne businesses, office environments and commercial properties.

We will be your trusted and reliable partner, providing anything you need from cleaning, disinfecting, waste management, window cleaning, hand sanitiser, carpet, floor & tile cleaning, warehouse cleaning,  garden maintenance, sanitary bins, hygiene services, bathroom supply maintenance and more.

How We Do It.

What sets us apart from other companies is our people. Our cleaners are experienced, professional people with years of cleaning experience, a positive attitude and a commitment to listening and responding to our customers.

No ‘Lock-In’ Contract. We back ourselves and our ability to meet every customer’s expectations and this is why we won’t ask you to sign a ‘lock-in’, long-term contract.

Roncan Property Services is a licensed provider of labour hire services in Victoria.

Hire Roncan Property Services and Make Sure You Comply With Victorian Labour Hire Laws

Are you aware of your responsibilities as a labour hire host under the new Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018?

According to the new legislation:

“Labour hire hosts are people or organisations who run businesses such as offices, warehouses and commercial stores or premises that use the services of labour hire providers to obtain labour for their enterprise. If you run a business and you use labour hire services to perform work in that business, you are a host.”

Source: https://labourhireauthority.vic.gov.au/resources/legislation/

$20 Million Liability Insurance

We are insured with $20 Million Liability Insurance

Workcover insurance through Allianz.

Labour Hire Victoria

Roncan Property Services is a licensed provider under the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018
Labour Hire License: VICLHL03273