Office Cleaning

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Office Cleaning

We provide a comprehensive all-in-one package for offices with all things cleaning and hygiene incorporated into one program.

We specialise in office cleaning and hygiene, providing a range of cleaning tasks below as well as other essential hygiene products and services, from sanitary bins, hand wash, hand sanitiser, air scenting, paper towel, toilet paper, bathroom disinfecting and sanitising and urinal deep cleaning.

Based on your requirements, some of our standard office cleaning inclusions will include;

  • Vacuum and mop all floor surfaces;
  • Thorough clean of Reception / Front-of-house areas to present the best first impression of your business;
  • Thorough clean of bathrooms and sanitise toilets, hand wash areas, all surfaces and floors
  • Manage and maintain paper, soap and hand sanitiser consumables;
  • Dust furniture, chairs, office equipment, mirrors, glass cabinets, hand rails, window surrounds, shelves, etc;
  • Clean thoroughly office kitchens, sinks, surface areas, cupboards and appliances;
  • Empty bins and replace bin bags, support your recycling initiatives and take waste out;
  • Wash windows and frames on the inside, if reachable;
  • Clean windows up to 2 storeys.


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